Things you should know about data engineering

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is a part of data science and focuses on data collection and analysis. In the process of data, there must be a mechanism for collecting and validating information. In fact, how to apply the data into real-world operations also requires a set mechanism. For data engineering to be functional and practical, the role of data engineers comes into picture.

Data engineers are as important as the data for any organization. Most of the organizations store their valuable data in different formats, text files and databases. Here, the data engineers come into focus to segregate this data and transform them into easily accessible sources. These data engineers could be a part of analytics team and help team members who are looking for queries and algorithms to be resolved. These engineers focus on the applications and harvesting of big data.

These data engineers could be experts in varied fields:

  • Programming
  • System architecture
  • Database design and configuration
  • Interface and sensor configuration

The data engineers mainly focus on the following areas:

  1. Building and maintaining the organization’s data pipeline systemsThe data pipelines are important for the process of data that runs within the organization. These pipelines are common APIs (Application Programming Interface) and provide access mechanism to backend data stores. Following phases are included in a data pipeline:
  • Ingestion – it involves gathering the required data
  • Processing – it involves processing of data that will provide desired end results
  • Storage – this involves storing the end results that can be retrieved faster.
  • Access – it requires enabling the tools to access the end results of the pipeline.
  1. Cleaning the data for better usability: Data engineers also work towards making the data better, clean and reliable for further usage by the organization.

Skills required to be a data engineer

Data engineers require advanced analytical and technical skills. Some of such skills are:

  • Architectural projections
  • Data modeling techniques
  • Relational and non-relational database theories and practice
  • ETL design
  • Database clustering tools and techniques

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