Restaurant & Bar Solutions

Entrada Infospace aims to leverage technology to change the way restaurants interact with their patrons and make each customer interaction more meaningful, convenient, and profitable.

With the end-to-end front-of house automation, Entrada Infospace solution has helped its partner restaurants improve customer review ratings due to better customer experience, even with less front-of-house manpower requirement. Front-of-house manpower requirement can be reduced by up to 50%. The data-driven menu engineering capabilities, powerful up-selling capabilities and data-driven smart cross-selling have also helped restaurants increase the average bill value by up to 10%. Entrada Infospace is helping build the next generation of “Smart Restaurants” and focused on providing a “full stack” complete solution to help restaurants increase profitability.

Entrada Infospace’s next generation restaurant management and customer engagement platform have helped its partner restaurants greatly improve customer experience, make their operations more efficient, and seamlessly drive business growth, and profitability, both inside the physical restaurant as well as outside the restaurant.